My Approach

I like to work together with my client. For me, the sessions aren’t just about the hypnotherapy, but about understanding your goals and getting to know you. I believe that allows for more successful treatment.

The sessions are yours and are entirely bespoke, and there are a variety of tools that can be applied to your treatment. I want you to understand hypnotherapy, understand what you will be getting from the sessions, and to work on a plan with me, to help you. I believe in the power of individual personalities, characteristics and circumstances, and I aim to work that into our plan and sessions. Your needs are at the heart of everything I do. 


About Me

I am passionate about people, mental health and therapy. I love hearing people’s stories and what makes us unique. That's why I wanted to be a hypnotherapist. I want to spend my life getting to know people and helping them on their journey the best I can.

In my spare time I love to read, practice yoga, go to live music with friends, go on long walks, go to the cinema and travel :) I am also undertaking a course in counselling and one day hope to add that to my practice.

I'm registered with the National Hypnotherapy Society; and registered as a student with the National Counselling Society.


What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy works by bypassing the conscious, analysing mind and going right to the subconscious mind - which is the storehouse of memories and emotions. With the use of suggestion and imagery, your mind can re-learn behaviours, changing them from negative to positive. For example, if you suffer from panic attacks and you hyperventilate and freeze, hypnotherapy will teach your brain to react with calm breathing and considered action-taking instead.

The process:

  1. Work on discovering the cause (if necessary - it is not always necessary to know the cause)

  2. Release negative perspectives and reactions through suggestion and imagery

  3. Re-learn positive perspectives and reactions through suggestion and imagery