Areas of Expertise


I specialise in helping adults reduce and manage their stress. Stress can build up through multiple factors or can be brought about by one event. The external factors that cause stress may not be avoidable, however the way our brain reacts and copes with stress can be. 

I will work with you to understand what is causing stress in your life and how you currently manage and cope. We will work on all the intricacies that make the way you handle stress unique, while editing and amending with the aim of reducing stress.

Stress is important for human beings as it helps us cope with danger. We need it to react in the appropriate way when faced with a challenge. So our aim is not to get rid of your stress, but to reduce it in accordance with the external factors causing stress, and bring you to a place where you understand your reactions and therefore have a more stable and calm approach to them.

Stress is so unique to each person. It all starts with getting to know a bit about you and understanding you.

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Anxiety can be crippling for many people and can be a persistent state of mind. I have personal experience of coping with anxiety and understand how it can completely take over. Like stress, anxiety doesn’t just disappear, but it can be managed, and one can learn to cope with and reduce it. I have my own methods that work for me to do just that, and I have experienced a much more anxiety-free life since discovering what works for me.

There are many factors that can contribute to anxiety and many different reasons why someone might suffer from anxiety. It could be learned behaviour from an adult when we were children; it could be an event in your life that you don’t recognise was the trigger; it could be a result of something that someone once said to you.

Again, anxiety is unique to each individual. I work with you to understand where you think it might have started, and if you don’t know, we can figure that out together. Understanding where it came from is often the way to healing. We will work on a plan together and look at the nuances in your life that brought you to where you are today.


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Phobias can be haunting and preventative in your life. No matter how much you want the opposite to happen, you are frozen by fear. Phobias can make you feel dependent on others and vulnerable. I know this from personal experience and I was treated through hypnotherapy, which completely freed me of my phobia.

Perhaps an event caused yours, perhaps you had a thought about something that has increased over time and resulted in phobia, perhaps you have seen something or felt something that triggered it. Our brains are powerful, and they can create irrational fears and cause our bodies to overreact to something that may be meaningless to someone else. It can’t be explained, but that is how we feel. It is uncontrollable and terrifying.

Through suggestion and imagery, we can work to change the patterns in your brain that trigger a phobia and convert them into triggering feelings of calm and indifference. You can regain control and move on with your life.

Phobias are unique to each person. There may be many people that suffer a phobia of flying for example, but how that came to be will be unique to the individual. My use of hypnotherapy as a method of treatment is bespoke to each person. We will work together to understand your phobia to the extent that is possible, and make a session-by-session plan to eradicate it.

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